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Efficient Labels is a great label and barcode design and printing application (or label design software, label printing software, label making software, barcode printing software, barcode software...) suitable for the layout design and printing of normal stickers, barcode labels (logistics labels), price tags, receipts, documents, tickets, orders, reports, certificates and business cards. It is simple and convenient in operation, efficient in layout design, accurate in positioning and user-friendly in interface design.


  • Visual design, precise positioning, perfect matching of design and printing results.
  • Variety of label element changes: scale, move, rotation, symmetric projection and so on. After a change, the element can still be precisely positioned to the pre-set precision grid.
  • Direct editing of all elements' properties. You can edit an element's font, font color, foreground color, background color, and line width, type and color, and can set the element's border lines. This will make your operations faster.
  • Separation of label's size specification design and element layout, which leads to a clear and succinct design approach.
  • Various element alignments, alignment of multiple elements and lock of element position.
  • A big variety of label elements: texts, text links (combination of texts), auto texts (an auto text defines a rule, simple or sophisticated, based on which each label changes automatically), lines, polylines, boxes, circles, polygons, pictures and so on.
  • 20+ barcode types; each barcode can be changed freely and can be set at an arbitrary rotation angle.
  • Data import from Excel and Access files, connection to Microsoft SQL Server database, manual addition of data sources and modification and saving of imported data. This will definitely accelerate your work.
  • Saving a design to a variety of common image formats, or you can directly copy and paste it to another application.
  • Shipped with all kinds of templates for users to quickly create an instance.
  • Over 1000 label material for use.
  • Automatic generation of codes, texts and serial numbers.
  • Formatted data output, such as in currency format, exponential format and so on.
  • Supports controlling print numbers directly with a data source.

Application examples: product labels, barcode labels, tickets, orders, business cards, certificates...

Product Information Label Raw Materials Certificate Number Label
Product Information Label Raw Materials Certificate Number Label

Paper: A4

Size: 100 mm x 46.4 mm

Number of labels: 2 x 6 = 12

Suitable for product-related information.

Paper: A4

Number of Labels: 4 x 4

Suitable for QA labels for semi-finished raw materials that have passed inspection.

Paper: A4

Size: 25.4 mm x 10 mm

Number of labels: 7 x 27 = 189

The template is suitable for batch of number labels.

Titrant Label Barcode Label Export Label
Titrant Label barcode Export Label

Paper: A4

Size: 139 mm x 95 mm

Number of labels: 2 x 2 = 4

Suitable for titrant labels used in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors and in hospitals.

Oracle label

Width: 101.7 mm

Height: 152.4 mm

Label for export.

Size: 210 mm x 148 mm

Business Card Product Report Disc Label
Business Card Product Report Disc Label

Paper: A4 business card paper

Business card size: 50 mm (H) x 50 mm (W)

Paper: A4

Margin: 20 mm

Suitable for product inspection reports provided by manufacturers.

Paper: A4

Diameter: 117 mm

Number of labels: 2

Suitable for 2 CD/disc labels.